Top 5 series I want to finish in 2017

I haven’t done a Top 5 Thursday in aaaages. But standing in front of my bookshelf I realized something: Not only do I have like 4647302 unread books, but most of them are part of a series. I’ve started a lot, but with some I just didn’t have the motivation to continue or even just start. So 2017 is the year I will finally finish them series, I have decided. So, let’s start:

number 5



I’ve read Snow like Ashes, the first book in the trilogy, about two years ago, or probably it was the beginning of last year, I can’t really remember. What I remember though, is that I really enjoyed it. And this winter I finally bought book 2& 3 so there’s nothing in my way to continue the story of the seasonal kingdoms and to explore more of Meira’s life.

number 4



I have owned these books forever and so far I haven’t read a single one of them. But I read the Study trilogy by Snyder not too long ago and I absolutely loved it and bought all the other books that take place in this world. The Glass books are a companion series to the books around Poison Study and the protagonist already appeared there. I’m not sure what exactly these books are about but I can’t wait to dive back into this world full of magic and friendship and love.

number 3



Shame over me, I haven’t even started with this series. It’s one of these subtle-hyped series. Does that make sense? I mean everyone knows about it but you don’t hear that much about it anyways. But everyone who has read it seems to love Red Rising. A lot. And I already own all three! I can’t believe I haven’t started this series yet because it features a thing I love: space. Plus I am in love with these covers, they are so simple but so pleasing to look at. So yeah, I definitely finish on starting and finishing these this year!

number 2



This is probably the series with the most beautiful covers. Seriously, they are so, so pretty and I could stare at them all day, there is so much to see. And the books are beautiful within, too! This is a trilogy where I actually only need to read the last book until I’m through. I’ve loved the first two books about Marguerite Caine, daughter of two scientist and who travels between dimensions with a device called Firebird. Marguerite is such a cool character, and so are her companions and the writing style is just… so good! I’m looking so forward to read A Million Worlds With You soon.

number 1



The only reason I haven’t already finished the ACOTAR series, is because the last book will only be released this year, but it’s only a bit over a month now, so *happy dance*. And I’m not even kidding, A Court of Wings and Ruin is my most anticipated release this year and I cannot wait to get my hands on it and dive right into it. I just have so much love and passion for these books and I know I’m going to be an emotional mess sooner or later during book 3. The characters, the story… everything is just so exciting and thrilling and there’s magic and Fae and also The Tool which I want to throw off a cliff. Yeah, I have very high excpectations for the third book and I REALLY DON’T WANT TO WAIT ANYMORE.

To shorten the wait a bit, I’m co-hosting a ACOTAR-themed book photo challenge on Instagram with some wonderful ladies and if you like ACOTAR and taking photos, you should probably check it out on my Instagram for more information.

And what about you? Which series do you want to finish this year?

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