about me

Hoohoo and hello!

I’m Kat, I’m 23 and study egyptology in Leipzig, Germany. So you can get to know me a bit better, I thought I could do a Q&A with myself (because I’m extra like that) and talk about things that are important to me. Right, here we go.

The first and most important question: What is your Hogwarts house? – Slytherin.

If you could take three books only to a lonely island with you, which would it be? – Of course Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, my all time favourite book. Not because it’s the best book I’ve ever read, but because of what it means to me. It means warmth and home and family. The second book would probably be Circe by Madeline Miller because she’s my idol (who lives on an island) and also because I love it so much. And for the third you have to imagine me using James Phelps‘ voice: How to build a raft.

What other hobbies to you have besides reading? – Badminton. After a break of 3 years I finally picked it up again. Also photography. I’m not really good at it but I love it anyways and take photos all the time. And then there’s baking, my go-to activity when I’m either really sad or really happy. Or when I need something nice to eat. And while we’re at it, does just „food“ count as a hobby as well?

Describe your bookshelf in 3 words. – full, merchandise, fantasy.

I think that’s it. Of course, if you have any questions you can hit me up anytime and just talk to me. I might answer in two years because I’m very slow at replying, but that’s just me. There’s a good chance I answer right away, who knows…

contact: minasmorgulbooks@web.de

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