review policy

Hello and welcome to Bookish Blades. You may prior know me as „Kat from Minas Morgul“. My name is Kat and I read and review books in English and German.

Are you an author or publisher and want to send me a book for review purposes? Then please continue reading below.

What books do I read?

  • Young Adult, New Adult and Adult Fiction is okay.
  • I prefer fantasy or contemporary, but I also like science-fiction, historical fiction and romance.
  • Cook or Baking Books are okay as well.
  • I will consider books more closely if they have LGBTQ+ representation. I am an OwnVoices bisexual reviewer.
  • I do not accept crime, thrillers, horror or erotica, nor any non-fiction books except cooking or baking.
  • I read books in German and English. While I prefer physical copies, I wouldn’t deny a request for an ebook just because of its format.

How do I review?

  • I always give my honest opinion, wether I liked the book or not.
  • I focus a lot on world building and characters, since this is where my focus usually lies.
  • I try to write constructive reviews and give a reason for everything I feel.
  • I try to write reviews as soon as I can. Reviews for ARCs will be published close to the release date but can be sent over earlier if needed.
  • I will always include photos of physical copies and a picture of the cover for ebooks.

How do I rate books?

I use the well-known five star rating system. The only difference is that I use swords instead of stars.

  • 1 sword = I didn’t like the book at all.
  • 2 swords = I did not enjoy the book but liked some parts.
  • 3 swords = I enjoyed the book but had some issues.
  • 4 swords = I really enjoyed this book.
  • 5 swords = I LOVED this book.


What other services do I provide?

In case you want to work with me or want something additional to a review, I am open for

  • author interviews
  • cover reveals
  • quote letterings & watercolour art
  • blog tours
  • playlists
  • bookish recipes.

Interested? Then please contact me at ! Please mind these criteria. If you won’t, I will most likely either decline or not answer your request. Before contacting me, please note that I am based in Germany.