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THE PRINCESS AND THE FANGIRL by Ashley Poston [ARC-Review] | Ad / Werbung

von am 20/03/2019

Book: The Princess and The Fangirl | Author: Ashley Poston | Series: Once upon a Con, #2 | Publisher: Quirk Books | Pages: 320 (Paperback) | Release Date: 2nd April, 2019 | Rating: ★★★★★ What is it about? Imogen Lovelace is an ordinary fangirl on an impossible mission: save her favorite character, Princess Amara, from […]


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The good, the bad, and the dinosaurs: THE EXTINCTION TRIALS BY S.M. WILSON | Review

von am 14/03/2019

Book: The Extinction Trials | series: The Extinction Trials, Book 1 | Author: S.M. Wilson | Pulisher: Usborne Publishing | Release Date: 1st January 2018 | Genre: dystopia, sci-fi | Rating: ★★★★ Hoohoo, guys. Dinosaurs always fascinated me. I’ve lost a lot of my knowledge about them since I was a kid and collected everything […]


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[Review] BAKING FOR DAVE BY MELISSA PALMER | unlikely friends, a roadtrip and baking

von am 06/03/2019

Book: Baking for Dave | Author: Melissa Palmer | Future Horizons-Sensory World | Release Date: 11th November, 2016 | Pages: 200 (Paperback) | Genre: contemporary | features MC with Sensory Processing Disorder and bipolar disorder | Rating: ★★★★★ Hoohoo, guys. I saw this book and picked it up because it’s about baking. Or at least, […]


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von am 27/02/2019

Book: Lovestruck | Author: Kate Watson | Publisher: Flux books | Pages: 300 (Paperback) | Release Date: 2nd April 2019 | Rating: ★★★★ | YA romance & fantasy What’s it about? Sixteen-year-old cupid-in-training Kali is in an Olympus-sized mountain of trouble. Rule number one in arrow-toting matchmaking: don’t stick yourself. But accidents happen, and Kali […]