What kind of books do I review?

I basically read books for any ages, though I prefer young adult and new adult, especially in following genres:

  • fantasy
  • dystopia
  • contemporary and realistic fiction
  • historical fiction
  • science-fiction
  • cooking / baking

I review books in English and German, depending on the language that book is written in.

What do I not review?

Though I can enjoy any book, I’m not a big fan of following genres:

  • crime
  • horror

Rating system:

  • ★★★★★ I LOVED this book
  • ★★★★    I really enjoyed this book
  • ★★★       I enjoyed this book, but there were some issues.
  • ★★          I did not enjoy the book, but liked some parts.
  • ★             I didn’t like the book at all.