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10 + reasons why you should pick up “Fence”


Hoohoo, lovelies!

Which books made you complete obsessed lately? I have these series or books where I tend to just get into it so much that I become obsessed after just a few pages. Those are the books I usually reread. Among my obsessions are the All For the Game series, the entire Grishaverse and The Bone Season. The newest addition is Fence, a (comic) series by C.S. Pacat and Johanna the Mad with novels by Sarah Rees Brennan.

What is Fence, you may wonder. Well, the main topic is, as the title says, fencing. The comics and additional novels follow a group of fencers at an all boys’ school during their everyday life and their competitions. The main characters are

  • Nicholas Cox, a freshman who grew up in complicated circumstances. His father is the famous fencer Robert Coste who has never even heard of Nicholas, his mother doesn’t really care about him. While he isn’t particularly good at fencing, he has the speed, the talent and the ambition,
  • Seiji Katayama, also a freshman and Nicholas’ roommate / rival / friend. He is a bit of a loner and usually finds other people to be more annoying than anything else. He’s one of the best fencers his age,
  • Harvard Lee, the team captain. He is calm and the person to keep the team together. He worries more about everyone else than himself and has a big, big heart,
  • Aiden Kane, school playboy, often rude, Harvard’s best friend. Is actually a sweetheart but also knows how to get what he wants. Only cares about one thing but keeps that close to his heart,
  • Eugene Labao, a bro, lifts weights when stressed. If there’s anything going on at school, he will surely have all the latest topic on it.

Now, what makes the series so good? Why should you pick them up?

  1. You can actually learn something about fencing! What are the different types of sword? What are the rules? What makes a good fencer? Start the series and find out!
  2. If you like oblivious characters who have no idea about their feelings or what’s happening around them, well, Fence is definitely for you! The groans and eyerolls were plenty with me, but in a positive way! There is one (1) single character who is actually aware of his own feelings and of those around him. Everyone else just thinks “fencing! other people! I have never thought about me once in my life!”
  3. Like the Found Family trope? Fence has got your back!
  4. Like the rivals to friends (and someday more???) trope? Fence has got your back!
  5. It has a very diverse cast of characters. Most of the characters seem to be queer, there are Black, Asian, European and American characters.
  6. The reading experience is just PLAIN FUN! Seriously. Oftentimes, things don’t really make sense or are simply illogical but it’s hilarious and I’m just here for the fun and the drama of it anyways!
  7. I’m gonna compare to All For The Game here quickly, so if you’ve read that series… we have a mixture of Neil & Nicky, there’s a Kevin but more oblivious, we even kind of have a Riko (minus the mob). And a Matt as well.
  8. Harvard and Aiden are the team’s parents, this is not up for discussion. And coach is everyone’s cool aunt I guess.
  9. Gay sport, do you need any more info?
  10. The coach is amazing. I love her.
  11. How the different characters interact with each other is amazing. Especially when it comes to Nicholas, Seiji and Eugene. I love them, your honor. But also Aiden being a dad for those three? Amazing! Wonderful! More, please.

Those were my reasons to read Fence. Have you heard about the series before? Have you read it or do you plan to? What other books about sports do you like?

Until next time,

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