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Book Review – Love from Paris


Book: Love from Paris
Author: Alexandra Potter
Pages: 360
Publisher: Hodder Paperbacks
Published: 30th July 2015

Ruby Miller, the love detective, can’t wait to see her American boyfriend again. When he doesn’t show up at the airport, Ruby decides to accept an invitation of her friend Harriet to visit her in Paris. The same day, she grabs her sausage dog and takes the Eurostar to the French capital. She wants to forget her (ex)boyfriend and just enjoy the city with her friend. But then she discovers an apartment which has been locked for decades and realizes that the city of love has other plans for her…

Silly me didn’t realize that this wasn’t a stand alone as I first thought, but the second book in a series! But this really wasn’t too bad, because everything important was explained again or was completely new. I also bought this booc without nowing what it is about. I just read the title and looked at the cover and I knew I needed it and I didn’t regret it. This is my first of Alexandra Potter’s books but I loved it and I want to read all the others.
To be honest, I liked everything about this book. As it says on the cover, the City of Love captured my heart. This book totally captured how Paris feels, the people, the fashion, the streets, the food. I was reminded of my many visits to this beautiful city and Love from Paris makes me want to go back as soon as possible. The writing style is so good and light and just fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the whole book. The characters were amazing, each showing different facettes. All of the characters were so lovingly described, having little quirks and just being generally normal people, nothing really outstanding but special in their own way. I just enjoyed the people in this book a lot, as I did basically everything in this book (Heathcliff the sausage dog especially). I couldn’t get enough of this book, and I want more of its charm, warmth and happiness.
Such a cute and quick read, perfect for summer and before a vacation in Paris.


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