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“I don’t remember the title but the cover was pink” | Pink Books | Bookish List

By on 07/04/2022
pink books

Hoohoo, friends of the blade! If you’re working as a bookseller or librarian you’ve probably heard “I can’t remember the title but the cover was xyz” more often than you can count. I definitely have. And sometimes I find the desired book, sometimes not. The most exhausting are people remembering only a colour (that is […]

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What I read in June

By on 03/07/2021

Hoohoo, guys! Can you believe I’m actually posting a wrap up? Yeah, me either. But here I am, actually typing out words. I read more books than I realized in June, apparently being productive also makes me read more. Or I’m just too exhausted for other activities. Wel, anyways, I found a new favourite book […]

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