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Hoohoo world travelers,

many of you messaged me about the November task because you couldn’t seem to find one. Yeah, there wasn’t one. I have to apologize for that, but I simply forgot and then it was well into November and I felt weird posting it towards the end of the month and I didn’t have the energy to cope with it anyways. So, I’m sorry there was no task. But it’s a new month with a new task!

The October task was more focused on the travelling part of the challenge which means the December task is more about the reading. Now, what is the task?

Which book(s) represent your country the best? Why? Think about politics, society, history, etc. as well as the little weird things only people in your country do or say.

If you’ve never read a book set in the country you live in, try a neighbouring one or one you think you know really well. Or write about what’s missing in books set in your country. What would you love to see?

Completing this challenge will gain you 5 points. Take photos, write about it, make a blog or insta post or whatever suits you best. You have time until 31st December.

Good luck, I hope you’ll have fun ♥

Until next time,

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