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Tall White Tenement by Anna Kirchner | Cover Reveal


Hoohoo, friends of the blade!

Today I bring you something very special and dear to me: The cover for TALL WHITE TENEMENT, the sequel to LITTLE BLACK BIRD. The series is full of queerness, Polish & Slavic folklore, action and wonderful characters on the way to find themselves. I did a cover reveal for Little Black Bird two years ago when it was first published.

Now, Little Black Bird got a beautiful, stunning new cover to go with its new edition! The story is still the same but it was a bit edited here and there, some references cut out,… and the cover is in ace colours as well, very fitting to the characters. But have a look at this wonderful cover yourself:

little black bird

Interested in my opinion of Little Black Bird? Then check out my review!

And now, to the sequel, Tall White Tenement. It got a matching aro coloured cover and depicts the actual, real life tenement it was named after.

I absolutely cannot wait to read Tall White Tenement. Little Black Bird was among my favourite books two years ago and I love it still. As soon as the updated version will be released, it is definitely time for a reread, with TWT hopefully following right after! How about we have a look at the wonderful cover now?

tall white tenement

Not only is the cover in aro colours and shows the tenement, both new covers also feature a folk pattern from the Polish Kujawy region where the series is set. Aren’t those two covers just stunning?

Following the events of LBB?, what will happen in TWT?

The magical world is at the brink of war and Wiktoria must pick the side. Should she break the curse and save humanity, or save the magic and put our world at the mercy of demons?
Torn between following in her parents’ footsteps and listening to her heart, she delves deeper into the world of sorcerers, Guardians, and demons. Her magic is more unpredictable than ever and her bond with Artur is put to test as they try to complete the legendary Circle of Four.
As more and more demons find their way into our realm and human enemies close in, Wiktoria must make more impossible choices. In the world where nothing is black and white and enemies turn into allies, Wiktoria and her friends race against the clock to save the world as we know it.
Until a forgotten secret is rediscovered and all their plans are put to doubt.
The sequel to Little Black Bird brings back familiar and new characters, and introduces us to more Slavic demons.

Have you read Little Black Bird or plan to? Do you like the cover for Tall White Tenement? What books are you looking forward to reading in the near future?

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