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hoohoo, friends

I was tagged over on tumblr for a thing to answer questions. And I thought this would fit on here perfectly as well. I think I don’t talk about me enough. I don’t mean this in a weird, egocentric way, but in a ‘do you even know what kind of person I am’ way. If you understand what I mean? I just want you to get a better picture of the person behind the blog and I love answering silly questions, so here we go.

  1. name: Katja
  2. nicknames: Kat, Katy, Kati
  3. height: 176 cm or something
  4. nationality: German
    it me
  5. favourite fruit: pomegranate. raspberry. strawberry. mango. all the fruit.
  6. favourite season: winter, my love. you can find me complaining about winter all the time, yet I love it the most. spring is a close second though.
  7. favourite flower: ranunculus! It was for the name when I was younger, but those flowers are actually very pretty
  8. favourite scent: hay (a classic, I know), also that smell when it’s about to snow. I can’t put it into words
  9. favourite color: unpopular opinion incoming: orange
  10. favourite animal: seals!
  11. coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea! I also love hot chocolate, but warm milk makes me sick, so I can only drink a few sips of it from time to time. I don’t like coffee at all.
  12. average sleep hours: average is propably 7. But I sleep either 4-5 or 9-10 hours.
  13. dog or cat person: DOGGO
  14. favorite fictional character: *more unpopular opinions incoming* Harry Potter, Frodo Baggins, Paige Mahoney, Sevro au Barcas, The Darkling, Nina Zenik
  15. number of blankets you sleep with: 1 or 2, depends on how cold it is and how thick the blanket is
  16. dream trip: someone please get me to New Zealand asap. mostly to watch seals and check out Lord of the Rings filming locations. Though I would absolutely LOVE to go to Kanada as well.
  17. blog created: It actually was this blog’s first birthday last week, so yeeeeee *celebrates*
  18. 5 random facts:
    Chemistry was one of my favourite subjects at school even though I didn’t understand a thing.
    – I collected feathers when I was younger. I have them all; swans and hawks and ducks and sparrows.
    – I actually love to sleep. It is one of my favourite things to do. Sounds weird, but laying down to sleep is awesome.
    – I still play computer games from like 2002. I love my horse games, ok? Also, Moorhuhn and Age of Empires II are totally my thing. No shame here.
    – One of my biggest fears are slugs. I know, totally irrational, but slugs are terrifying. Have you taken a closer look at them? TERRIFYING. And disgusting. Just leave this planet and go back into the hell you came out of, ugh.

Well, I guess that was Facts With Kat. Hey, I’ll probably do something like that more often and just make a Behind the Blog series. Yeah. Maybe. I’m just rambling about, as always. Anyways, I hope this gave you the chance to get to know me a bit better. As always, feel free to do this as well…

And with that,

bye, friends

  1. Ich liebe solche Posts, so interessant! <3
    Sevro ist mir nach den ersten beiden Red Rising Bänden auch unheimlich ans Herz gewachsen! Ansonsten würde ich auch so gerne mal nach Neuseeland (Freunde von mir kommen gerade von dort und schwärmen in einer Tour).

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Huhu Maren 🙂
      danke, ich auch! Ich lese die so gerne und schreibe die auch total gern 🙂
      Hast du den dritten auch schon gelesen?
      Neuseeland ist einfach wunderschön! eine Freundin von mir ist gerade dort und schickt mir die ganze Zeit Fotos.. macht mich richtig neidisch 😀

      Viele liebe Grüße,

      1. Ich habe den dritten Teil schon hier, aber noch ungelesen. Jetzt im März soll sich das aber ändern (ich wollte einfach nicht, dass es so schnell vorbei ist!).
        Ja, bei solchen Erzählungen und Fotos bekommt man sofort Fernweh! 😀

        Liebe Grüße

        1. Ja, das kann ich total verstehen… ich bin so froh, dass Iron Gold noch vor mir liegt 😀
          Ohja, und wie! Irgendwann kommen wir auch noch nach Neuseeland 🙂

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