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Book Best Of 2018 | Favourite couples


Hoohoo, friends.

Welcome to the next part of beloved 2018 bookish moments. In this part, I shall show you my favourite pairings. This might contain spoilers, so beware!

Lazlo & Sarai (Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor)

They experience their first love with each other and seriously, they are perfect for each other. Both of them are so good at heart, they always see the best in everyone and try to save people, no matter how bad everyone else thinks they are. They would do everything for their partner. Sarai and Lazlo overcome the hate between their peoples and love each other unconditionally.

Evie & Oli (Spinster Girls by Holly Bourne)

The two of them are definitely the cutest pair of all of them. Both of them have a mental illness which makes it hard for them to even express their feelings at first. They slink around each other, trying and trying and when they finally kiss, I actually squealed. They’re just so cute and sweet together and even though they sometimes get annoyed or their illnesses get in the way, they still adore each other immensely and do what they can to help the other.

Radu & Cyprian (Conqueror’s Saga by Kiersten White)

Technically, they are enemies. But since they are both diplomats, they have to be nice to each other and they do it not only for political reasons, but for mutual respect as well and they soon take a liking to each other. They share a forbidden love, but at some point they don’t even really care anymore. I just love how sweet they are with each other and how much they love and accept the other, even though after all they’ve been through.

Mia & Ash (Nevernight by Jay Kristoff)

Friends turn enemies turn lovers. Um. Yes?! I love that murder couple a lot. They’re both skilled killers but they have different strengths that are like two sides of a piece. They complement each other and even though at first they are forced to work together, they soon come to trust each other. And love each other.

Paige & the Warden (The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon)

You probably know by now, that I absolutely adore enemies to lovers pairings. And this one is no exception. Their love is forbidden, but do they care much? Nah. I like how they love each other and help each other, but are not dependent on their partner. They each work well for themselves, they know their strengths and while they support each other, it s not necessary. I’m not talking about their missions, but just general life and their relationship. They know that there are more important things and that they are not the centre of the world.

Those were my favourite couples. I just love all of them so much. What were your favourite couples?

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