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Bullet Journal – April set up


Hoohoo, friends,

it’s time for another look into my bullet journal. I’ve not completely finished it, there are still some pictures missing which I’ll have to print out. But I can tell you, April is by far my favourite month when it comes to design. I worked a lot with pink & violet, especially in flowers. I also tried aquarell for the first time, even though if it’s only for leaves. But I should probably show you…

Title page & general monthly overview

For the title page I used a very simple pattern in violet and pink. But this was too boring for my liking and not spring-y enough so I added some small flowers. These flowers are one of the themes this month. The overview is just for me to keep track of the days. I always mess up with dates, so this is a little help. I originally planned to write down birthdays next to the calendar, but of course I forgot about that plan and put down goals instead. And the rest of the space was used for one of my favourite Illuminae quotes.


I decided to put trackers before the weekly spreads this month. I don’t really know why, I just felt like this would make sense. As every month, the mood tracker has an own page. I picked up the zigzag from the title page in this one. I put everything else in a habit tracker. This month I don’t want to spend that much time on social media, but I want to concentrate more on my blog. I want to cook and bake more and I really, really want to do more for uni. After 8 semesters, I think it is the time. I made an extra cleaning tracker this month as well. I really want to keep our flat clean and this tracker hopefully helps me to get my ass up.

Weekly spreads

Contrary to March, I actually did some layout thingy. I have a section for birthdays and important notes on each spread, the flowers can be found on every page, some pink, some violet. I also put some more Illuminae quotes on the pages because I love this book series so much. And am still in Obsidio-mood, so yeah. Illuminae files everywhere.

This is my not nearly finished set up for April. I started with a Book Haul& Books I’ve read page, but I’m not happy with it and need to work out what to change. And I also made two “draw here when bored” pages but I forgot to take photos. But yeah, those exist as well. See ya next month.



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