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Which characters from my favourite books am I?


Hoohoo, guys!

I saw this idea with Never Not Reading and The Orang-Utan Librarian and thought it would be super fun to do this myself! Because let’s face it, I love character quizzes wayyyy too much and once started, I’ll do one after the other. So this was the perfect opportunity for me to just go for it. I changed it up a bit, though, because I wanted to include my absolute favourite books as well. At least those I could find quizzes for. Check out the other’s posts and do it for yourself because it’s fun (unless you do a Grisha-boyfriend one and get Mal, then it’s all madness and anger, oop). Anyways, let’s do this!

Six of Crows

⇒ via this quiz from the Grishaverse

I reaaaaally hope I’ll get Nina because I love her but let’s see.

Ok well. I don’t think I’m much like Kaz but ok I guess.

Rick Riordan verse

⇒ via this quiz on Playbuzz

Just give me someone from the Kane Chronciles and I’ll be forever happy!

Yayyyyy Carter!! He’s actually a character I always felt is a lot like me so this quiz got it right!

The Lord of the Rings

via this quiz on Playbuzz

My best friend call each other Frodo and Sam because we’re very similar to them, so I hope I’m getting Frodo (it’ll probably be Pippin because all I care about is food but let’s see).

I… I did not see that coming.

Pride & Prejudice

⇒ via this quiz on Sparknotes

Will I get Darcy? I kinda feel like I’d get Darcy?

Ok, Bingley would have been my second choice for me. Maybe he even fits better than Darcy now that I think about it?

Folk of the Air

⇒ via this quiz on The Novl

Please don’t let it be Locke please don’t let it be Locke please don’t let it be Locke. Or Taryn.

phewwwwww I got who I wanted.

An Ember in the Ashes

⇒ via this quiz on Penguin


All for the Game

via this quiz on Playbuzz

To be honest, no matter who I’ll get I’m not entirely sure about? But I still hope I’ll get Matt lol.

Ok, this is ok. I love him. But what does this say about me ?

Red Rising

via this quizz on Playbuzz

Pleeeease let it be either Mustang or Sevro, pleaseeeee.


Red, White & Royal Blue

⇒ via this quiz on uQuiz

I won’t say no to Bea. Not who I thought I’d be, but I’ll take it.

And that’s it for today! I hope you had as much fun as I did. Will you do the quizzes? Do you like character quizzes as much as I do? Who would you have been in these books?

Until next time,

  1. Ok wow, and that’s how I started to spend the rest of my afternoon on doing quizzes.

    Anyway, apparently, I’m Kaz, too, so goodbye morality, I guess.

    I also ended up being Kevin Day and now I’m offended. xD (I did another AFTG quiz once, this time ending up with Neil though. Not sure which is worse. Probably I’d stick with Neil.)
    Also: Nora for RWRB. And I’ve got Mustang, too. ^^

    Love, Dana 😉

    1. ha apparently none of us has morals and we all want that kruge 😀 WHY are you offended when you get Kevin, though? I’m not sure what to do with Andrew haha. At least we didn’t get Aaron 🙂
      YAY for Nora and Mustang!! <3

      Kat 🙂

      1. Don’t know, I don’t feel like an alcoholic, exy-possessed, dysfunctional super star, on the other hand, being, idk, Andrew wouldn’t be that better. xD

        (Also, screw morals)

        1. tbh I’m not sure any of them would be great to be? 😀 I mean I lvoe them but I wouldn’t want to be them haha

  2. Hellooo,

    I took most of the quizzes too because I love things like that and find it soo fascinating. I always took the personality tests in magazines like Bravo as a teenager. 😀
    Soo – for SoC – I already took the test in 2018 and got Weylan but this time I got Inej. Didn’t see that coming but am totally fine with it.
    Riordan verse – Magnus chase! Yess! I love Magnus’ books and am really thrilled that I got his character. I would move into Hotel Valhalla anytime – but maybe without the dying-first part.
    LotR – I got … Legolas? I mean, cool, yeah. Definitely more awesome than expected. 😀
    Pride and Prejudice – Hello there, Mr. Bingley. I wanted to laugh at first but then realized that it is kinda accurate and now I’m questioning everything about myself.
    Folk of the Air – Vivi. Hrmpf. I didn’t really like her in the books but I guess it makes sense.
    An Ember in the Ashes – Laia. What a queen. Which means I’m a queen too, right?
    Red Rising – Nero? I only read book one and a third of book two but I already forgot who Nero is. But I can’t shake the feeling that the fandom doesn’t like him.
    All for the game – Kevin. Kevin?! Whoa. Didn’t see myself as that sport obsessed and scary.
    As for Red White and Royal Blue – I didn’t take the quiz because I haven’t read the book and was intimidated by the first question. So many quotes and I don’t even know the author. O.o

    But anyway, I loved this and want to try this for my own blog too.

    1. we stand Bravo personality tests in this house! This was always so much fun and I loved doing them with my friends 😀
      YES MAGNUS! Nice! He’s one of my favourite characters ever <3 You could go there as a Valkyrie! No death, just chilling there 🙂
      Bingley is such a sweetheart. That's such a great outcome 🙂 And we're both Bingley, so that's cool 🙂

      I liked her more in the third book. But at least you didn't get t
      Taryn, so there's that, huh?

      Nero?? Nero was a possibility in this test? I'm sorry for you.

      Please read Red, White & Royal Blue. It's so good and fun, I love it so much!!

      Yes do it! And please pick other tests so I can do them lol

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