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Exciting October Book Releases


Hoohoo, friends of the blade!

October has so very many exciting releases. It’s getting very witchy which I’m absolutely grateful for. I am in such a mood for witchy books these days, very fitting for the month! Of course, there are also wonderful romance releases, German translations I’m looking forward to seeing in stores and anticipated sequels where I desperately need to reread the other instalments in the series. But look for yourself…


the hurricane warsThe Hurricane Wars by Thea Guanzon

The Night Empire will rule all. Nothing can stand in the way of its might and power. Little by little, year by year, the Hurricane Wars take more and more from those who resists the empire’s supremacy. And yet, there is hope in the darkness. One lone light stands against the empire.
Talasyn was left on the steps of a Sardovian orphanage as a baby. All she has ever known are the Hurricane Wars, as her people fight for freedom from the tyranny of the Night Emperor Gaheris. But are they her people? Talasyn dreams of one day finding where she comes from – her true place, family, and the source of the Lightweave magic that flows through her veins like sunlight.
Alaric of House Ossinast, Master of the Shadowforged Legion and Gaheris’s only son and heir has been forged into a weapon by his father. Tasked with obliterating the Sardovian Allford alliance with the strength of his armies and mighty Shadow magic, all Alaric can see is their extinguish all threats to the empire. That is until he sees Talasyn burning brightly on the battlefield with the magic that killed his grandfather, turned his father into a monster, and ignited the Hurricane Wars. He tries and fails to kill her, his now greatest enemy slipping through his fingers. But a greater threat is coming. One that will overshadow the Hurricane Wars. Will these mortal enemies be able to come together to confront it or is everything that has been fought over for so long about to be destroyed?

wildfireWildfire by Hannah Grace
Maple Hills #2

Maple Hills students Russ Callaghan and Aurora Roberts cross paths at a party celebrating the end of the academic year, where a drinking game results in them having a passionate one-night stand. Never one to overstay her welcome (or expect much from a man), Aurora slips away before Russ even has the chance to ask for her full name.
Imagine their surprise when they bump into each other on the first day of the summer camp where they are both counselors, hoping to escape their complicated home lives by spending the summer working. Russ hopes if he gets far enough away from Maple Hills, he can avoid dealing with the repercussions of his father’s gambling addiction, while Aurora is tired of craving attention from everyone around her, and wants to go back to the last place she truly felt at home.
Russ knows breaking the camp’s strict “no staff fraternizing” rule will have him heading back to Maple Hills before the summer is over, but unfortunately for him, Aurora has never been very good at caring about the rules. Will the two learn to peacefully coexist? Or did their one night together start a fire they can’t put out?

curious tidesCurious Tides by Pascale Lacelle

Emory might be a student at the prestigious Aldryn College for Lunar Magics, but her healing abilities have always been mediocre at best—until a treacherous night in the Dovermere sea caves leaves a group of her classmates dead and her as the only survivor. Now Emory is plagued by strange, impossible powers that no healer should possess.
Powers that would ruin her life if the wrong person were to discover them.
To gain control of these new abilities, Emory enlists the help of the school’s most reclusive student, Baz—a boy already well-versed in the deadly nature of darker magic, whose sister happened to be one of the drowned students and Emory’s best friend. Determined to find the truth behind the drownings and the cult-like secret society she’s convinced her classmates were involved in, Emory is faced with even more questions when the supposedly drowned students start washing ashore— alive —only for them each immediately to die horrible, magical deaths.
And Emory is not the only one seeking answers. When her new magic captures the society’s attention, she finds herself drawn into their world of privilege and power, all while wondering if the truth she’s searching for might lead her right back to Dovermere…to face the fate she was never meant to escape.


morgan is my nameMorgan is My Name by Sophie Keetch

When King Uther Pendragon murders her father and tricks her mother into marriage, Morgan refuses to be crushed. Trapped amid the machinations of men in a world of isolated castles and gossiping courts, she discovers secret powers. Vengeful and brilliant, it’s not long before Morgan becomes a worthy adversary to Merlin, influential sorcerer to the king. But fighting for her freedom, she risks losing everything – her reputation, her loved ones and her life.

die tochter der mondgöttinDie Tochter der Mondgöttin by Sue Lynn Tan

Xingyin, die Tochter der Mondgöttin, lebt allein mit ihrer Mutter auf dem Mond. Sie ahnt nicht, dass sie dort zum eigenen Schutz vor dem Himmlischen Kaiser versteckt wird, der einst ihre Mutter dorthin verbannte. Doch als Xingyins magischen Kräfte erwachen, ist sie gezwungen, ihre Mutter zurückzulassen. Eines Tages, so schwört sich die Tochter der Mondgöttin auf ihrer Flucht, will sie ihre Mutter retten – koste es, was es wolle. Ihr Weg führt Xingyin ins Himmlische Königreich. Unter einer falschen Identität lernt sie den anziehenden Kronprinzen Liwei kennen, mit dem sie gemeinsam im Schwertkampf und in der Zauberkunst ausgebildet wird. Liwei weckt eine Leidenschaft in ihr, die sie nie für möglich gehalten hätte – und ebnet gleichzeitig einen riskanten Weg, der das Verderben des gesamten Reiches zur Folge haben könnte.


sword catcherSword Catcher by Cassandra Clare

In the vibrant city-state of Castellane, the richest of nobles and the most debauched of criminals have one thing in common: the constant search for wealth, power, and the next hedonistic thrill.
Kel is an orphan, stolen from the life he knew to become the Sword-Catcher—the body-double of a royal heir, Prince Conor Aurelian. He has been raised alongside the prince, trained in every aspect of combat and statecraft. He and Conor are close as brothers, but Kel knows he has one destiny: to die for Conor. No other future is possible.
Lin Caster is one of the Ashkar, a small community who still possess magical abilities. By law, they must live behind walls in the city, but Lin, a physician, ventures out to tend to the sick and dying of Castellane. Despite her skills, she cannot heal her best friend Mariam without access to forbidden knowledge.
After a failed assassination attempt brings Lin and Kel together, they are drawn into the web of the mysterious Ragpicker King, the criminal ruler of Castellane’s underworld. He offers them each what they want most; but as they descend into his world of intrigue and shadow, they discover a conspiracy of corruption that reaches from the darkest gutters of Castellane to the highest tower of its palaces. As long-kept secrets begin to unravel, they must ask themselves: Is knowledge worth the price of betrayal? Can forbidden love bring down a kingdom? And will Lin and Kel’s discoveries plunge their nation into war—and the world into chaos?

better hate than neverBetter Hate than Never by Chloe Liese

Katerina Wilmot and Christopher Petruchio shared backyards as kids, but as adults they won’t even share the same hemisphere. That is, until Kate makes a rare visit home, and their fiery animosity rekindles into a raging inferno.
Despite their friends’ and families’ pleas for peace, Christopher is unconvinced Kate would willingly douse the flames of their enmity. But when a drunken Kate confesses she’s only been hostile because she thought he hated her, Christopher vows to make peace with Kate once and for all. Tempting as it is to be swept away by her nemesis-turned-gentleman, Kate isn’t sure she can trust his charming good-guy act.
When Christopher’s persistence and Kate’s curiosity lead to an impassioned kiss, they realize “peace” is the last thing that will ever be possible between them. As desire gives way to deeper feelings, Kate and Christopher must decide if it’s truly better to hate than to never risk their hearts—or if they already gave them away long ago.


die farbe der racheDie Farbe der Rache by Cornelia Funke
Tintenwelt #4

Fünf Jahre sind seit den Geschehnissen in Tintentod vergangen. Fünf glückliche Jahre. Aber dann wird Eisenglanz gesichtet, der Glasmann von Orpheus, dem erbitterten, silberzüngigen Feind von Meggie, Mo und Staubfinger. Denn Orpheus plant Rache, an allen, die ihn zu Fall gebracht haben, doch vor allem an Staubfinger, und er nutzt einen furchtbaren Zauber.
Sind Bilder mächtiger als Worte?
Staubfinger zieht aus, die Antwort zu finden. Der Schwarze Prinz aber macht sich auf die Jagd nach Orpheus.


the unmaking of june farrowThe Unmaking of June Farrow by Adrienne Young

In the small mountain town of Jasper, North Carolina, June Farrow is waiting for fate to find her. The Farrow women are known for their thriving flower farm—and the mysterious curse that has plagued their family line. The whole town remembers the madness that led to Susanna Farrow’s disappearance, leaving June to be raised by her grandmother and haunted by rumors.
It’s been a year since June started seeing and hearing things that weren’t there. Faint wind chimes, a voice calling her name, and a mysterious door appearing out of nowhere—the signs of what June always knew was coming. But June is determined to end the curse once and for all, even if she must sacrifice finding love and having a family of her own.
After her grandmother’s death, June discovers a series of cryptic clues regarding her mother’s decades-old disappearance, except they only lead to more questions. But could the door she once assumed was a hallucination be the answer she’s been searching for? The next time it appears, June realizes she can touch it and walk past the threshold. And when she does, she embarks on a journey that will not only change both the past and the future, but also uncover the lingering mysteries of her small town and entangle her heart in an epic star-crossed love.

flower and thornFlower and Thorn by Rati Mehrotra

Irinya has wanted to be a flower hunter ever since her mother disappeared into the mysterious mist of the Rann salt flats one night. Now seventeen, Irinya uses her knowledge of magical flowers to help her caravan survive in the harsh desert. When her handsome hunting partner and childhood friend finds a priceless silver spider lily-said to be able to tear down kingdoms and defeat an entire army-Irinya knows this is their chance for a better life.
Until Irinya is tricked by an attractive imposter.
Irinya’s fight to recover the priceless flower and to fix what she’s done takes her on a dangerous journey, one she’s not sure she’ll survive. She has no choice but to endure it if she hopes to return home and mend the broken heart of the boy she’s left behind.

the witches at the end of the worldThe Witches at the End of the World by Chelsea Iversen

Rage burns brighter than any spellfire… Deep in the birchwoods of Norway, magic courses through the veins of two sisters. For years they’ve been alone, but sweet-tempered Kaija is tired of living in shadows and longs for a life filled with community, even if it means stifling her magic. But Minna is a witch through and through, with wrath always simmering just below the surface.
Different as they may be, both will never forget the day they were driven from their village. The day their mother burned. When Kaija leaves to pursue a new life, Minna is left alone in the darkness of the forest.
Devastated and outraged at the betrayal, Minna casts a curse to punish those who took everything from her. What she doesn’t realize is that this act will incite a deadly chain of events. Soon it will destroy everything, including the life Kaija has lovingly built. But once a witch’s rage boils, regret means nothing—she can’t take back what’s already done.
Someone will have to burn.


a curse for true loveA Curse for True Love by Stephanie Garber
Once Upon a Broken Heart #3

Evangeline Fox ventured to the Magnificent North in search of her happy ending, and it seems as if she has it. She’s married to a handsome prince and lives in a legendary castle. But Evangeline has no idea of the devastating price she’s paid for this fairytale. She doesn’t know what she has lost, and her husband is determined to make sure she never finds out . . . but first he must kill Jacks, the Prince of Hearts.

iris kelly doesn't dateIris Kelly Doesn’t Date by Ashley Herring-Blake
Bright Falls #3

Everyone around Iris Kelly is in love. Her best friends are all coupled up, her siblings have partners that are perfect for them, her parents are still in marital bliss. And she’s happy for all of them, truly. So what if she usually cries in her Lyft on the way home. So what if she misses her friends, who are so busy with their own wonderful love lives, they don’t really notice Iris is spiraling. At least she has a brand-new career writing romance novels (yes, she realizes the irony of it). She is now working on her second book but has one problem: she is completely out of ideas after having spent all of her romantic energy on her debut.
Perfectly happy to ignore her problems as per usual, Iris goes to a bar in Portland and meets a sexy stranger, Stefania, and a night of dancing and making out turns into the worst one-night stand Iris has had in her life (vomit and crying are regretfully involved). To get her mind off everything and overcome her writer’s block, Iris tries out for a local play, but comes face-to-face with Stefania—or, Stevie, her real name. When Stevie desperately asks Iris to play along as her girlfriend, Iris is shocked, but goes along with it because maybe this fake relationship will actually get her creative juices flowing and she can get her book written. As the two women play the part of a couple, they turn into a constant state of hot-and-bothered and soon it just comes down to who will make the real first move…

welch trügerisches herzWelch Trügerisches Herz by Chloe Gong

Rosalind Lang hat das schlimmste Schicksal Sie wurde als Staatsspionin Lady Fortuna enttarnt und ihr Geliebter Orion wurde nicht nur entführt, er hat auch noch jedwede Erinnerung an sie verloren. Um ihn zu retten, verlässt sie die Stadt und verbündet sich mit ihren Gegnern, um so ein Heilmittel für Orion zu finden und die verräterische Erfindung seiner Mutter, eine gefährliche chemische Waffe, vor einer drohenden ausländischen Invasion in Sicherheit zu bringen – doch die Uhr tickt, und wenn Rosalind versagt, verliert sie nicht nur Orion, sondern auch ihre Nation.


songs of emerald hillsSongs of Emerald Hills by Anabelle Stehl

Ein Neuanfang auf der grünen Insel …
Eine Weile Abstand von allem – insbesondere den schmerzhaften Erinnerungen an ihre beste Freundin –, das erhofft Caroline sich von ihrem Aufenthalt in Irland. Idealerweise findet sie auf der grünen Insel endlich heraus, was sie eigentlich will vom Leben. Wen sie will, merkt sie früher, als ihr lieb ist: Conor, der Nachbar ihrer etwas schrulligen Gastgeberin, verdreht ihr nämlich vom ersten Tag an den Kopf. Als sie zusammen ein Gälisch-Festival auf die Beine stellen, um Conors Sprachschule zu retten, kann auch dieser nicht länger leugnen, dass er sich zu der Deutschen hingezogen fühlt. Doch er wehrt sich mit aller Macht gegen die aufkommenden Gefühle, denn Verluste hatte er bereits genug …


the rosewood huntThe Rosewood Hunt by Mackenzie Reed

Lily Rosewood dreams of taking over her family’s company one day. Her grandmother, Rosewood Inc’s current chair, has always encouraged her, and Lily can’t wait for Gram to teach her everything she needs to know to run the business.
But then Gram dies suddenly, and Lily’s world is upended. When it’s revealed that Gram’s quarter of a billion dollar fortune is missing, Lily can’t fathom what her future will hold now.
Even in death, Gram has a few tricks up her couture sleeve. A last letter from her with a cryptic clue sends Lily and three other teens on a treasure hunt that could change their lives forever-if they can survive it. And if they pull it off, they may be rewarded with more than just money. But they’re not the only ones hunting for Gram’s treasure, and soon the hunt becomes more dangerous than they ever could
have imagined.

tonight, i burnTonight, I Burn by Katharine J. Adams

Thorns, Tides, Embers, Storms, and Ores. All five covens are bound in servitude to the tyrant High Warden of Halstett.
Penny Albright is a daughter of the thorn coven, forced to patrol the veil between the realms of Life and Death, keeping it safe and whole. Each night, one thorn witch—and only one—must cross the veil by burning at the stake. Each morning, that witch returns with the help of their magical lifeline. Failure to follow the rules of Death risks them all.
But one morning, Penny’s favorite sister Ella doesn’t return. And that night, determined to find her, Penny breaks the rules. She burns in secret.
What she finds in Death is a manor that shouldn’t exist, home to the devastating Lord Malin, who shouldn’t be there. Malin offers Penny a dangerous deal: Ella’s freedom in exchange for information about the High Warden.
But all isn’t as it seems in Life or Death. Penny’s bargain leads her to Alice, a mysterious captive prophet… and to a rebellion brewing in the shadows of their city. And as Penny’s world splits between her growing love for the ethereal Alice in Life and her attraction to the seductive Malin, in Death, she’ll face a devastating choice.
Because it’s not just her sister’s life that hangs in the balance. It’s the fate of all magic.

die abenteuer der piratin amina al-sirafiDie Abenteuer der Piratin Amina al-Sirafi by Shannon Chakraborty

Amina al-Sirafi könnte eigentlich zufrieden sein. Nach einer bewegten und skandalösen Karriere als eine der berüchtigtsten Piraten des Indischen Ozeans hat sie hinterhältige Schurken, rachsüchtige Handelsfürsten, mehrere Ehemänner und einen echten Dämon überlebt, um sich nun in ruhigere Fahrwasser zu begeben. Doch als sie von der sagenhaft reichen Mutter eines ehemaligen Besatzungsmitglieds aufgespürt wird, bekommt sie einen Job angeboten, den kein wahrer Bandit ablehnen könnte: Sie soll die entführte Tochter ihres Kameraden für eine mehr als fürstliche Belohnung zurückholen. Soll sie die Chance, ein letztes Abenteuer mit ihrer Crew zu erleben, einem alten Freund zu helfen und ein Vermögen zu gewinnen, das die Zukunft ihrer Familie für immer sichern könnte einfach ignorieren? Sie wäre keine echte Piratin, wenn sie dies täte. Doch je tiefer Amina in dieses letzte Abenteuer eintaucht, desto deutlicher wird, dass hinter diesem Job und dem Verschwinden des Mädchens mehr steckt, als sie ursprünglich dachte. Denn es ist immer ein Risiko, eine Legende werden zu wollen … und der Preis dafür könnte die eigene Seele sein.


What October 2023 releases are you looking forward to? What’s the last translated book you’ve read?

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