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Announcement: THE LITERARY GRAND TOUR OF THE WORLD [Reading Challenge]


Hoohoo, friends.

Some of you might remember the Around the World in 100 Days challenge. Two years later, I want to to a challenge similar to this one again. So what where how, you may ask. As last time, this won’t have very strict rules. But some things will change. It is a challenge, so there will be points to collect and winners to choose.


1st October – 31st December. 3 full months should be okay to read at least some books I guess?


This is, as I said, a reading challenge where you can gain points for the books you read and the additional things I’ll explain in another post. For three months, read as many books in different countries you can or want. For every country you “visit” you’ll get points. When a book is set in more than one country, only the country counts where most of the plot is set.
You can read books from any genre as long as it’s set in a real country. This also includes fantasy, like urban fantasy or just elements of it. You can read hsitorical books, fiction or non-fiction, that’s wholly up to you! You can also read comics. You can read ebooks or physical books. As long as you read, I don’t care lol.
You can participate with your blog/instagram/twitter or tumblr since those are the main sites/apps/whatever I use and am able to follow. Please count your points and where you got them and make a post or send me a message or mail or whatever suits you best. It is necessary that you tell me in one way or the other, so I can put down the winners. And yes, there will be a hashtag you can use.
There will be three: two international who will win a book of their choice (as long as it’s set in this world and Book Depository ships to you) and one who will get a book + one who will win a little box curated by me with items that center around reading and travelling.

Please, if you want to participate, tell me beforehand. I have to keep a list or something with everyone since I’m doing this over several platforms and need to have an overview. Just tell me your name and platform(s) where you participate so I don’t get confused. I won’t keep this list forever, I just need to organize it somehow. If you win, you have to be okay with giving me your adress (won’t save it, just to send you the prize).

So yeah, I think that’s it for the announcement post! Until October starts, I will make more posts to let you know how to gain points and a list of books set in countries. I already made one for the last challenge, but I will update it. If you’d like to propose books for this list, do not hesitate and tell me!

How can you contact me?

  1. leave a comment under a post concerning the challenge
  2. email: minasmorgulbooks@web.de
  3. twitter: minasmorgulbook
  4. instagram: minasmorgulbooks
  5. tumblr: kat-from-minasmorgul

I hope many of you decide to join me with this, it’s really fun and amazing to read outside you usual reading bubble and explore other countries!

Until next time,

  1. Hi Kat!
    I would love to be a part of your reading challenge! I’ll mostly be on tumblr @cdagmarw and instagram @digdags2, but I’ll keep on eye out for announcements until October 1st!

    Thank you! <3

    1. Hoohoo, Dagmar!
      Ahhh I’m so happy to hear this, I just added you to the list ♥ thank you so much for signing up!!

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