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MagicCon – 4 days to go


Ahhhh, the excitement! Very soon it is time for me to grab my things and go to Bonn. After HobbitCon 3 & 4, this will be my fourth time visiting the Maritim Hotel for a wonderful convention. I enjoyed HobbitCon so, so much and I cannot wait for MagicCon which is from 21st-23rd April! I am extremely excited! I’m not sure if I’ll be doing any cosplays because I don’t have time for anything. Probably I’ll just get the Harry Potter things out again.
And you know what? So many cool guests are coming! Andrew Scott, for example. And of course my dear Hobbit-dwarves. Mini Mark and Maxi Mark. And friends, oh wonderful friends and new people to get to know. I just can’t wait for that con-feeling. It’s so hard to describe, but it is this wonderful feeling of belonging, of fun and just having a wonderful time with wonderful people. Does that make any sense?
There is something else I cannot wait for… guess what? It’s the parties! The only parties where I ever dance in public. I still need to go and shop some party stuff.

For more information, visit the MagicCon website.

This is just a very smol post to inform you I’ll be there. Will you be there too?

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