Book merch #2 – Bookmarks

von am 28/03/2018

WERBUNG hoohoo, friends. it’s another book merch post. Though this one is probably also a book essentials post, because bookmarks actually are necessary. Isn’t it ironic that I make a post about where to get bookmarks but I use snippets of paper or my phone as a bookmark, even though I have a small basket […]



February Book Haul

von am 02/03/2018

Hoohoo, friends. First of all, I am so proud. Of myself, because I bought only 5 books this month. Well, four technically because I bought one book in January but it was delivered just now. In addition to thos 5 physical books, I received 3 ARCs. *note: every synopsis is from Goodreads* Hero at the […]


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[Rezension] Herrscherin der tausend Sonnen von Rhoda Belleza – WERBUNG

von am 16/02/2018

Buch: Herrscherin der tausend Sonnen Englischer Titel: Empress of a thousand skies Autorin: Rhoda Belleza Seitenzahl: 400 Verlag: cbt Erschienen: 30. Oktober 2017 Inhalt: Prinzessin Rhiannon Ta’an, gennant Rhee, ist die letzte Überlebende einer Kaiserdynastie. Nachdem ihre gesamte Familie ermordet wurde, lebt sie fernab des Hofes, wo sie relativ behütet erwachsen wird und eine Ausbildung […]


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Favourite literary couples

von am 14/02/2018

Hoohoo, yes, it’s the day. Valentine’s has arrived and that is the perfect time to talk about OTPs. Yes, plural, because let’s be real, who has only one OTP? They’re not just ships anymore. Whatever. In this, I will concentrate on canon couples, not the ships that did not sail (byebye, Dramione). Please note, that […]