Why you should read THE GILDED WOLVES series by Roshani Chokshi


Hoohoo, lovelies!

I recently finished one of my all time favourite series, The Gilded Wolves trilogy by Roshani Chokshi. If you haven’t read these books yet and wonder what they might be about and why you should read them… search no further because I have some reasons here for you.

First of all, what is The Gilded Wolves?
It’s a trilogy about a (kind of) magical society and its members. The story follows a group of young people. At the centre is Séverin, a young heir and hotelier from Paris. Part of the group are Enrique, a historian, Laila, a dancer and reader of objects, Zofia, a highly intelligent girl from Poland with a knack for explosives, Tristan, Séverin’s brother and very into (poisonous) plants, and Hypnos, another heir to one of the Houses of the magical society, the Order of Babel.
The setting is the late 19th century and the group is on the hunt for objects, using their different abilities to retrieve them in any way necessary. Their journey brings them from Paris over Lake Baikal to Venice where they meet new friends and foes and might just achieve godhood.

the gilded wolvesThe Gilded Wolves | 15.01.2019 | Wednesday Books | 388 pages
the silvered serpentsThe Silvered Serpents | 22.09.2020 | Wednesday Books | 416 pages
the bronzed beastsThe Bronzed Beasts | 21.09.2021 | Wednesday Books | 400 pages

Now, why do I like it so much?

  1. Roshani Chokshi’s writing style. This is something I’ve liked in every book I read by the author. I fall in love with her writing again and again. Simply said, it’s just absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. At times, it’s almost lyrical and I wish I could just make you feel what I feel when I read the words.
  2. The characters. They’re amazing, ok? I love how they work together as a group and how each one brings something unique. But I also highly enjoy who they are apart from the others, each individual has an own voice and own views of things. That complicates things from time to time, but it also makes them so much more realistic.
  3. The cast of characters is very diverse. Laila is Indian, Enrique is a bi Spanish-Filipino, Hypnos is a queer biracial Black, Séverin is Algerian-French, Zofia is an autistic Polish Jew. And there are a lot of diverse side characters too! And what I loved was that they’re not just that but that all of these things really are part of the characters and highly influence them in their actions and views. Roshani Chokshi gave each of her characters back stories and problems that come with them and there is so much depth to it all, I just loved it so, so much.
  4. The setting(s). I fell in love with 19th century Paris, the dirt and the sparkle. I fell in love with Russia in winter and then with Venice and its surrounding isles. The setting always fit with…
  5. ...the atmosphere. Part writing, part setting, part characters. It all creates such a beautiful atmosphere that is different with each book but there is just this certain feeling to the books that is unique for them but that comes to you as soon as you open one book of the trilogy.
  6. The covers. Yeah, it’s not really a reason to read the books but if you’re a cover hoe like me, it’s definitely a point to consider. Because they’re just as gorgeous as what they hide.
  7. History and Fantasy. I love a good historical fantasy, a magical spin to what happened in the past. And it’s no different here.
  8. Relationships. Wether they’re of the friendly or romantic nature or between enemies, all the relationships get enough page time to develop and to develop realistically. I love the focus on characters and their relationships.
  9. The books are amazing. Please read them.

And these are my reasons and I truly implore you to read The Gilded Wolves! It’s a truly amazing series that I love with all my heart, that made me laugh and cry and gasp and feel for the characters.

What series makes you feel that way? Have you read The Gilded Wolves already? Or any other book by Roshani Chokshi?

Until next time,

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