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[Creative Bookworms] Bullet Journal April Spread


Hoohoo, guys.

Can you believe it????? I’m on time for once. I’m posting my monthly spread before the month actually starts! Wow! So, you probably heard of the Magical Readathon. I’m getting my O.W.L.s! This means April is very much inspired by Harry Potter. And here it comes, I hope you enjoy it.

Material used:

  • Journal (I used a Leuchtturm, but anything else is fine as well)
  • Brush Pens (I used Tombow Dual Brush Pens, Tombow Fudenosuke & Faber Castell Pitt Artist)
  • Black Fineliners
  • water colours
  • brushes
  • water
  • gold gel pen
  • white gel pen

I kept my title page quite simple. I tried to make it look like burned parchment à la Goblet of Fire and used Harry Potter letters. I want to write a quote on the left, still-blank page as well, but I haven’t done so yet. If you have any cool ideas, please tell me.

My mood tracker was inspired by a magical potions shelf. The top two shelves are quite full compared to the others and that’s because I couldn’t do basic math. I was SO sure 30/5 is 8. Well it’s not but I realized soon enough and could save this page.

My habit tracker is similar to the ones from previous months. Though of course I adjusted it to this month’s theme. And I thought blue would be a nice colour because ink is often blue.

Following the habit tracker are the sleep tracker and my memories page. In my sleep tracker I mark how long I’ve slept. It’s always interesting to compare sleep and mood trackers. And I will put down special memories on the memory page. Wow. Makes sense, right? After the trackers follow the weekly spreads that are inspired by the Hogwarts Houses:

The last pages are for books. For the first time ever I decided to give the books more space and write down details. I have one page to write down the books I acquired and following this one page per book. Here I’ll write down the book details and thoughts I have while reading. I really hope this helps me to write reviews more regularly. And this is what it looks like:

And that’s it so far! Do you have a BuJo yourself? Do you have different monthly themes?

Until next time,

  1. Hallo Kat,
    nehm es mir nicht übel, dass ich auf Deutsch antworte!
    MEGA! Das sieht wirklich unheimlich klasse aus. Ich war mit Wasserfarben noch nie sehr begabt, aber hier platze ich vor neid. Seit stolz auf dein Werk.

    Alles liebe

    1. Huhu 🙂
      Ahhhhhh danke!!! Das freut mich gerade so, so sehr ♥ Danke danke danke! 🙂
      Liebe Grüße
      Kat ♥

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