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The Literary Grand Tour – The Points


Hoohoo, guys.

As promised, I am now making a post regarding the points. You could read in the announcement that this reading challenge will have 3 winners, aka the people who collected the most points. Of course the question now is: how can you get those points?

  1. Reading Books

That is the main goal of any reading challenge and the Literary Grand Tour is no exception. You will get points for every country you “visit” though for some you’ll get more than for others. That’s because it’s fairly easy to find books set in the US, for example, but more difficult to find one set in Indonesia. And it’s important (to me at least) to visit as many countries outside of what I’m normally reading.

  • You can visit one country as often as you like, but you only get the points once.
  • If a book is set in different countries, the country where the most part of the story is set in counts.
  • You can read books from any genre, fiction or non-fiction doesn’t matter but it has to be set in a real country. It can be set in the past, the present or the future. It can be a parallel universe, as long as it’s a place existing on this planet.
  • You can read ebooks or physical books, audiobooks or comics or any format you can think of.

So, how many points do you get for the countries?

1 pointUSA, England
2 pointsAustralia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Russia, Scotland, South Korea, Spain
3 pointsArgentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Switzerland,
4 pointsany European country not already listed
5 pointsany non-European country not already listed

There’s another possibility to get points through reading books – diversity points. These are additional points you can get. The book has a non-White protagonist/largely non-white cast? You get 1 point. The books has a LGBT+ protagonist/mainly LGBT+ cast? You get 1 point. The protagonist is disabled (mentally or physically)? Yout get 1 point. Of course, I won’t tell you to only read diverse books but I want to encourage you to do so, and myself as well. I want this challenge to be as diverse as possible, I want to include as many countries and people as I can. And I do hope you’ll join me in this.

2. Tasks and questions

Besides reading books, you can get points by answering my questions or tasks. For every month, there will be a task. That can be a complex question you can’t answer in one word or I might ask you to make a list etc. Something like that. You can do these in a blog post/instagram post/tweet/tumblr post/youtube video. For these, you will get 5 points.

From time to time, I will also ask some smaller questions on social media for you to answer quickly. Those will mostly be related to books but they could also be related to things currently happening around the world, or food related or maybe music. Or I might just ask you where you’d like to travel next. Just keep an eye out for announcements! You’ll get 1 point for answering these.

important note:

I ask you to be honest with the points. I can’t control them and I don’t want to either. I just hope you’re honest. I must also ask you to inform me about the points you got. You can do this as a post (please tag me!! or send it to me somehow) or send me a message. I will react to that in some way, like your post or anything to show you I noticed it! You can do this monthly or weekly or daily, as you see fit. But please remember, that it should be possible for me to identify you. If you participate on several platforms, always tell me that you’re the same person. I hope that isn’t too much to ask you, but keeping this organized while also having a life proves impossible otherwise.

And I think that is all you need to know about the points! But it is always possible for me to forget something or I didn’t make clear something. So, if you have any questions, please contact me:

  1. leave a comment under a post concerning the challenge
  2. email: minasmorgulbooks@web.de
  3. twitter: minasmorgulbook
  4. instagram: minasmorgulbooks
  5. tumblr: kat-from-minasmorgul

For the general announcement, please see here.

I also made a page for the challenge, which you can see here and where I collect all posts concerning it.

In the next posts, I will explain everything for the sign up.

Until then,

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