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Many thanks to the author who gave me the eBook in exchange of an honest review.

Book: Melody’s Key
Author: Dallas Coryell
Pages: 305 (Kindle edition)
Publisher: AsherRain Publications
Published: June 24, 2016


In Melody’s Key, we follow Tegan Lockwood who lives with her family in the South of England, where they have a holiday estate. Tegan is a talented musician and painter, even got accepted for Columbia, but she decided to stay at home and help her parents out, because they have financial problems. Everything changes when one summer the famous singer Mason Keane resides at the estate.

My opinion:

Overall, I really enjoyed reading Melody’s Key. Coryell’s writing style was fresh and easy, with some poetic elements and a lot of nerd-ish things thrown in, and I very often thought “I understood that reference!” Right from page 1 I was in love with the writing. It characterizes the people in colourful, strong words. And what characters we have! The protagonist, Tegan is quite the temperamental sort who would do anything for her family but doesn’t shut her mouth if she has to defend someone or something she loves. She likes being alone and reading love letters from her ancestors. These letters are really heartfelt and sad and I actually got teary eyed while reading them. The rest of the family is a very bright, very loud family who apparently loves to eat. They all have a wonderful dynamic between them, especially Tegan and her sister, Ryleigh.
The romance between Tegan and Mason was… okay. Even though Tegan didn’t like him in the beginning, it was just too predictable for me. Here we also have the reason why I don’t read contemporaries very often: It’s almost all the time this “they fall in love – the drama happens – it ends well” thing. And it was also in this book. I liked Mason and Tegan together, but I knew what was going to happen basically from the first second the met. I was a bit disappointed, because I hoped that it would go into a different direction. I mean, it was kind of obvious that there would be problems with someone famous involved. Nevertheless, I was totally into their relationship.
I was not a big fan of the end either. Somehow everything was too fast and a bit crazy, but on the other hand it fitted the story very well. Another point I had some issues with was how the characters dealth with trauma, to be exact loss as well as rape. They both suffered from their past but as soon as they were really in love, it was not really a matter anymore.
All in all, I liked the book, it was quick and beautifully written, with awesome characters.



Note: this book features a lot of songs which you can find on Dallas Coryell’s YouTube

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