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A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab


I was so, so excited for this book. I have devoured A Darker Shade Of Magic and A Gathering of Shadows, book 1&2 in the series. It is one of my all time favourite series and I love it with all my heart, so of course the expectations for ACOL were very high.

Book: A Conjuring of Light (Shades of Magic #3)
Author: V.E. Schwab
Pages: 666 (Paperback)
Publisher: Titan Books
Published: February 28, 2017


Darkness has come to Red London and the Arnesian Empire. Osaron brings the Maresh Empire under his control faster than anyone would have thought possible. It will not be easy to stop him, but can he win against the combined force of Kell, Delilah Bard and Holland, and every other magician in the kingdom? Can he win against a prince, who is determined to save his people, against a privateer who fights for his country and his love? As they fight over the fate of Red London, other dangers are brewing in the distance…

My opinion:

It’s always somehwat hard for me to write a review about a book I loved. Because what I loved was… everything. This was such a great finale to this wonderful series. Without further introduction the book starts where the last one ended and the reader is thrown into the action right away. During the whole book is constant thrill and action, the characters never having a break and so I turned page after page because I couldn’t stop. It was just too exciting and I needed to know what happened next. The book has over 600 pages and tells the story of only a few days, so you can guess how much happens. As always, V.E. Schwab’s writing style didn’t fail to amaze me. Seriously, she has such a wonderful, great style, I would probably read her shopping list. The words captured me from page 1 until the very last page.
I fell in love with the characters again and again. Especially with Lila, whom I’ve loved since the very beginning of the series. She seems to grow even more in this installment. Her romantic relationship with Kell is such a nice addition to the story, it is not too prominent but gets enough attention. And then there’s Rhy. He is so amazing and loving and giving so, so much. He would do anything for his loved ones and his people and he does. Even though when he knows that nobody can help him in a situation, he does the right and good thing. I would have loved to see a bit more of him and Alucard though, especially from his point of view. We get a lot of scenes from Alucard’s POV regarding Rhy. Maybe my favourite character after Lila was Holland. Surprise, surprise. But I really, really like this guy and I was so happy to see more of him and his past and his life in White London. Yeah, he did some bad things. But the thing is: he knows he did. And now he helps to get things back right. He is a quiet, observing character who doesn’t step around any truths but says exactly what he thinks. He was also the reason why I cried. A lot.
And even though the story was wonderful with awesome characters, in the end I wanted MORE. Not necessarily a continuation of the story iitself, but I had some open questions regarding the pasts of Kell and Lila and I feel quite unsatisfied that I probably won’t get answers.
But to conclude this, I loved A Conjuring of Light, as I said above. I’m so sad this trilogy is now over and I can’t wait for V.E. Schwab’s upcoming books!



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