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November Bullet Journal: Lord of the Rings


Hoohoo, friends of the blade!

I’m not sure when I’ve last posted about my bullet journal? (I just checked and apparently it was the Ancient Egypt theme for February 2020!) Since then, I’ve not been particularly creative with my themes and their executions. I just didn’t have the time or motivation anymore and so I had mostly simple themes revolving around one or two colours. But for November, I decided to go with a Lord of the Rings theme. I will add more pages throughout the month (like weekly spreads) but here are the ones I have already prepared.

I really like this theme and I think I’m going to explore it more in the coming months. I went with a theme mostly inspired by the map of Middle Earth, but Lord of the Rings has so much to offer! Maybe I’ll do a Hobbit or Silmarillion themed month, too? Or an elven themed one? One for the Shire? Or maybe dwarf themed? Ah, so many ideas! Anyways, now it’s November and here are my prepared LOTR pages!

bujo title page, map of middle earth

For the title page, I went with a part of the Middle Earth map, reaching from the Misty Mountains to Erebor in the Northwest to a small part of Mordor on the Southwest and parts of Rohan in the Southeast. I used watercolour for the background and a black fineliner & a black brushpen for the details. The month’s name I’ve written with a blue brushpen.

For my mood tracker I decided to paint a typical Hobbit door and a bit of the surrounding house. I left the door itself white, but will fill in one strip each day. The lighter the green, the better my mood. I painted this in with watercolour as well, stylizing the plants a bit, as well as the top of the house.

weather page

My sleep tracker & weather page are inspired by the map’s colours but have otherwise nothing much to do with Lord of the Rings itself. With the sleep tracker, I added stickers showing Merry and Pippin, with the weather one I put stickers of Gimli, Aragorn and Legolas. I love weather pages a lot, I don’t even know, I just always find them very pleasing to look at when filled out! And I also find it interesting to go through my mood and sleep trackers and comparing them.

hobbies & must dos

I usually just make a habit tracker, but really, all of my habits are either hobbies or things I have to do, so I decided to just make a single page for both of these things, in two separate tables. I painted the background of the page with water colour again, then added a few details from the Middle Earth map from Gondor and Mordor at the top with the page’s title at the bottom.
I made pages for my November Dump with a big sticker of The Witch King of Angmar but otherwise blank save for the title, and one to plan my work schedule which I don’t want to show here since I’ve filled it out already. But the latter has little stickers of Galadriel and Saruman!


I hope you liked this little glimpse into my bullet journal, the first one after many months! Do you keep a bullet journal or want to have one? How do you plan your months? Who is your favourite LOTR character?

Until next time,


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