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Top 5 books starting with “S”


I was wondering what Top 5 I could do this week. And I thought: Why not do something with letters? First letters… and somehow, without further thinking I just decided on S. It’s kind of a pretty letter, if letters are pretty at all. Okay, without much more talking, let’s get to the books:

number 5



I loved this book. It has such a unique style of telling the story. The reader gets to know the main character Juliette basically by her diary entries and they are so intense! And the rest ist written so fast paced and just so good! Seriously, Tahereh Mafi is an extremely talented writer. Juliette is a wonderful character, she can kill by touch but is actually very sweet and strong, well she can be if she wants to. And then there’s a love triangle which is not really a love triangle. We get a hate-to-love relationship during the series and I am just so up for this. The originial series has 3 books and a companion book with 2 novellas. But great news! There’s more books to come!!

number 4



I’m just not counting the article in this one. But I just had to include this books on the list. Because it’s Tolkien. Because it’s the Silmarillion aka one of my favourite books ever by one of the greatest authors ever. It has so many great story, such world building, such names. I mean, I had to read some parts again and again until I understood the relations between some people. Some names are so similar??? But anyways, I am absolutely in love with The Silmarillion. It’s not a light or a quick read, but it is wonderful nevertheless and you get to know so much about the wonderful world Tolkien created.

number 3



Scarlet is my favourite book in the Lunar Chronicles series. I just love the main character Scarlet Benoit who is fierce and strong and doesn’t take shit from anybody. But she is also very caring. And Wolf, her sidekick and love interest, is also such a great, caring and loving guy who just happens to be a soldier for the evil queen of the moon. But the two of them have an amazing dynamic, Meyer’s writing style is amazing and Scarlet is just so, so good. Just… do yourself a favour and read the Lunar Chronicles (first book is Cinder).

number 2



One of my favourite book series is the Six of Crows duology. There’s a heist, there’s wonderful characters, there’s great writing. It’s a book you can fall completely in love with because you get so deep into it and the story and it is very easy to get attached to the characters or at least one of them. I mean, it is just brilliant, the story itself as well as the writing. It’s so clever and you can’t really say what’s going to happen because everything that could happen is impossible. This makes it even better and even more enjoyable to read, if that is even possible.

If you want to get more details why I like this book (series) so much, you can check out this post.

number 1



Oh, look! It’s more Leigh Bardugo. As well as in Six of Crows, the writing in Shadow and Bone and rest of the Grisha trilogy is super good. It’s fast paced, never boring and has some seriously great quotes. And characters. Okay, aside from Mal, but that’s only my opinion. I love Alina, the protagonist who discovers she has special powers and goes to Court, so she can train with the Darkling, who also has very special powers. And you guys, the Darkling. The Darkling. My favourite character of all times. He’s so precious to me and in my opinion also one of the best characters ever written. He’s so complex and twisted. The whole trilogy is one of my absolute favourite book series and I could read it again and again and again.

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