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Around the World in 100 Days: A summary + winner announcement



My reading challenge has come to an end! Actually it has come to an end over a week ago but thanks to book fair madness and other stress, I haven’t been able to get a closer look on everything earlier. But now I have the time and I went through all the finished posts that were sent to me. Disclaimer: I only checked those people who actually sent me anything, I’m not here to run after you. So if you forgot about it or just didn’t send it to me for whatever reason, I’m really sorry but I cannot take it into account. I just do not have the time for it.


Anyways, before I announce the winner of the challenge, I’d like to say a few words about the challenge itself, why I started it, what people took from it, what it meant to me.

It all started in the shower, as a lot of ideas to. I realized that most of the books I read are either set in the US or England. And I wanted to read about other countries as well. I thought, why not travel the world through books? So that’s exactly what the challenge was about. Travel the world, learn things about other countries, other cultures, other people. Without actually having to travel (even though reading is also travelling). And so Around the World in 100 days was born.
For me personally, it was a bad time to start this challenge. If I wasn’t so impatient, I could have started it now, because I really didn’t have much time to read. And so I only visited 5 countries, which is really bad because I could have been to so many more! I made a reading list and everything. But still, it made me more sensitive towards the setting of books. Before buying a book I now check where it is set, and if it is written by a local author as well. Someone who comes from a country always knows it better than anybody else.
Other people seemed to enjoy the challenge a lot though and I’m really glad people joined in! They have visited so many places. And they had fun and apparently also learned about people in other countries which was exactly the goal of the challenge. And I couldn’t be more happy. Thank you so much to everyone who was a part of everything! You’re hella awesome!

I’m planning to do something like this again, so if you couldn’t join this time, there will be another. I hope to do this next year and I am so looking forward to it!


And now it is finally time to announce the winner! As I said before, I could only take those people into account, who sent me their posts in one or the other way, because across all platforms this would have been too complicated otherwise.

The winner is Anna who joined via Instagram and visited 31 countires, secondary ones not counted! I am seriously impressed and congrats to you, dear!! ♥

Again thank you to everyone who participated, you are great and awesome and I love you all!

I hope to see you again next time!
Until then,


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