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*I received this book in exchange for an honest review*

What is this book about?

Dacre Vinson has spent the majority of his life in quite the predicament—even the surf and his books can’t erase his Type 1 diabetes. But when Dacre’s family moves to a new Mexican town, an eccentric girl obsessed with trees offers him a job on the spot, leading to what could be the perfect distraction from his problems.
Salbatora Tames has one true love, her avocado farm. Her family constantly nudges her to be more social, but Sal much prefers the dirt, the sun, and the solitude. Besides, trees listen better than people do.
For Sal and Dacre, their job won’t stay easy breezy for long, not when an avocado delivery to Palenque, Mexico pops up on their radar. Together, they embark on a road trip across the jungle, where they form a tighter bond. However, as obstacles arise, their new-found troubles may lead to more woes than bliss. (goodreads)

Book: Avocado Bliss | Authors: Candace Robinson & Gerardo Delgadillo | Publisher: Evernight Teen | Release Date: 27th March | Pages: 232 | Genre: contemporary YA | Rep: gay side character, MC with diabetes type 1, latinx characters | TW: alcohol, shooting, needles, syringes, blood, mention of death of loved ones

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What did I think?

Mhhhhh where shall I start? Should I start with how much I loved it? Because I think that’s a good start. I loved it from the first chapter, when we first see Dacre and his brothers, Ezra and Lachlan. I loved their brotherly relationship throughout the whole story, I loved their shared secrets and inside jokes, I loved their little quirks and their love for each other, especially Dacre and Lachlan’s who are close in age. While they do go on each other’s nerves, they are amazing together, always their to help if the other needs them. Lachlan is Dacre’s buffer to the rest of the family, since Dacre doesn’t have the best relationship with his mother.

In general, I loved every family relationship in this book. They were all written so well. Warm and with lots of love, of understanding and kinship. Sal and her father have such a tight bond and an unconditional love for each other. God, I loved them. Sal’s father lovingly calls her a robot, since she always has to be in control and plan everything and sometimes does things as if she’s programmed to do them. But she is deeply passionate about her avocado farm and has such a warm, open heart.

Dacre is more closed up, anger often boiling beneath his skin. While diabetes is a big part of him, he doesn’t want to let it define him and when he can, he doesn’t tell people about it. He’s generally not too good in talking about emotions. But he has a good sense of humor and can be so nice and warm hearted.

kindle showing avocado bliss next to an avocado

The plot was great as well. Dacre and Sal have completely different lives that intertwine with each other. We get to know family life from both, we feel the the trees of the avocado farm, the healthy trees and their little avocado babies. We see differences in American and Mexican ways of life. We see Dacre and Sal on their road trip that brings many surprises, danger but that also brings them clsoer together. They go from “I offer you a job even though I don’t know your name” to deeply trusting each other and taking a roadtrip together. They’re just so cute together, they both have secrets that they share piece for piece, they thaw and become super sweet. I love them!

I have never before read a book with a diabetic character before so this was new for me. It was a bit hard to read about at points, but I liked seeing this illness in a book. I understood Dacre’s reasons for not telling anybody new, but I wish he had. At this point, I just want to say that if you’re diabetic, tell at least one person around you so they can help in a case of emergency. This is what I learned from this book but also from an unpleasant situation with a classmate.

Anyways. What I want to say is that I enjoyed this book loads. It had such a warm, beautiful feeling and I felt right at home there with the trees and the heat and the family love. If I had to describe Avocado Bliss as a person, I’d say it has an open heart, a warm laugh and always a shoulder to cry on. It made me both happy and tearing up and to say I loved it might be the understatement of the year.


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