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July Bullet Journal Spread


Hoohoo guys.

Can you believe it? I’m actually posting a spread before the month begins! I think that’s the first time in about half a year or something? And can you believe that we’re already halfway through the year? Time has run by so fast!
Anyways, for July I have decided on a lavender theme for various reason. First, lavender is really, really pretty. The small purplish blue blossoms, the whole look. And it smells and tastes amazing. To be honest, I’d buy anything if it’s lavender scented or flavoured (though not the weird lavender smell of candles, urgh). Lavender ice cream is wonderful though! As you may notice, I really do love lavender and so this month’s spread has to be all about it.

The first page in the spread is of course the title page which is next to the goodbye page for June. I don’t know why, but I decided to do it in French? Maybe it’s because I usually say Adieu as goodbye and it just fitted? I added a little calendar after I took this photo in the left corner, so that didn’t make it in here anymore.

Following are, as always, the trackers. I’m not too happy with how the sleep tracker turned out, but then I never really am, am I? The mood tracker design was inspired by this photo. Of course I forgot that I used Tombows on the page before and painted over it with water colour and it bled through a bit. I still like it though!

Then we have my sort of habit tracker. I crossed out some of the activities of the last months and put social media & blog as one bigger thing. I like how both the tracker and my bookish page turned out, especially the book banner.

A first timer is the care tracker. I noticed how certain things are good for my body and soul but I always forget what I did at which point of time and some stuff shouldn’t be done/used too often so I decided to track it. You might notice balcony work on there and think ‘huh?’ but it really calms me down, I love caring for my plants and helping them grow.

And the last pages in both this journal and this month are for my weekly spreads. I’ve only done one so far and do the others during July. As always, I’ll write down to dos and reminders down here as well as what happened in a day.

And this is my July spread! Do you have a bullet journal? Do you use it frequently?

Until next time,

  1. Hi Kat,

    this really looks amazing and I’m totally impressed by your skills. ^^ I tried to get a bit into the Bullet Journal stuff nearly two years ago but it turned out that I eventually forget to continue and don’t feel like spending as much time as necessary. Plus, drawing never had been a skill of mine. So since I like the tracking part I still keep a record on the books I read, the films I watch and stuff like how much sport I do, but not this artsy. But I loved to get a look on your pictures, it looks great!

    Love, Dana

    1. Ahhhh thank you so much!!! The forgetting thing is me with my book journal. I always forget to update it and I’m 4 books behind if I remember correctly… you don’t need to draw for a bujo to work. For me it’s just a great way to be creative with not much time to actually spend on being creative. Tracking actually is kind of fun? Especially when you don’t procrastinate as much anymore because you want those trackers to get full 😀
      Thank you! Thank you so much!!!

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