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Autumn (reading) habits


Hoohoo my dears,

after a warm winter, a non-existent spring and a too hot and dry summer, autumn has finally arrived. The calendar turned on the 1st of September and whoop, the leaves started turning different colours, the temperatures went down, the rain started falling and fog was suddenly everywhere. And I am more than excited about that” I probably wouldn’t have survived one more week of temperatures above 25°C. The seasons changing also means a change in habits. I’m going back to reading inside, snuggling up and listening to the rain. But what else belongs to my autumn habits, especially bookish habits? Here comes a small list of things I enjoy through the months of rain and colourful leaves…

The first thing I need is of course books! Reading books, looking at books, smelling books, buying books, bathing in books,… I mean, books are the necessity for getting comfy in front of your window. And if one of these amazing sunny autumn days comes around, you can still take them outside and read there. Another thing I do more during autumn is being creative in general. I write more, I draw more, I craft more. This reminds me, I think it is time for some wood work very soon.

Hot beverages. For me, that’s preferably tea. And preferably out of a fandom mug or a cute autumn one. What would a rainy day be without a nice hot cup of tea? And something baked, like cookies or a delicious cake. To be honest, this sounds like a perfect day to me: baked goods, hot tea and a good book and getting comfortable in a cozy corner.

But you can’t get comfy without the right clothes. That means sweaters and hoodies, or anything with longs sleeves that is at least a bit baggy and comfortable. Some like sweatpants, but I wear shorts during all seasons. Though in autumn I start wearing warm socks or knee socks with them again.

And at last, decorations! No matter what kind. Candles are really great for the whole comfy mood. And if they look autumn-ish as well, it’s all the better! And if they smell like pumpkin it’s the best. Combine the candles with anything you can find outside, nuts and leaves and maybe dried berries. Or you can go to different shops and buy things you like. And voilà, there’s my perfect autumn day.

Do you have any autumn reading habits? What does your perfect autumn day inside look like?

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