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Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi



This post is dedicated to Furthermore, one of my favourites books of 2016. I fell completely in love with the world, the characters and Tahereh Mafi’s unbelievably wonderful writing style.


What even is this book about?

Well, in Furthermore, we follow a girl’s journey to save her father. This girl, Alice, is white and by white I mean, her skin, her hair, everything. Everything is white. But the world around her is full of colours because in her little world, magic depends on colour and so she is an outsider, though she does not care that much. Together with Oliver, a boy from her village, she sets out for a dangerous land called Furthermore, where she thinks she’s going to find her long-lost father. On the way they find friends and enemies, strange things and wonderful people who help them.


I am head over heels with this middle-grade. That is partly because of the writing style. It’s so fairytale-like and beautiful, almost lyrical but a bit childish nevertheless. Another bis part are the characters. The protagonist Alice is so innocent, fullof hope and joyful, but also quite wise for her young age. She is passionate and she knows how to survive in a world where she seems to be the only one of her kind. Then there’s Oliver, full of secrets and a bit annoying at the beginning, but he has such a great development. And they form such a wonderful friendship. It’s so good and pure and one of those friendships that will hold for a lifetime.
Plus the world building and plot are amazing! It’s described in so many colours and dangers, different personalities and all of it from a child’s perspective. And this journey about a girl finding her father when everyone else has lost hope? It’s awesome to read about. I can’t recommend Furthermore enough, I just love it so, so much.


Btw, I’ve written a review for this book.

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