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I know it’s not a Thursday but I’m only a day late, so I guess that’s okay. Last time I showed you my favourite female characters, so today come the male counterparts. This was quite hard (except for number one, because he’s my all time favourite character), but I made a list.. now, let’s see who made it under my Top 5.

number 5



I love Nathan with all my heart. He’s the main character in the Half Bad Trilogy by Sally Green. And he is not your typical good hero. Some would probably say Nathan actually is the villain in the story. In a world where black witches and white witches are in a more or less fragile peace and open war is at the door, being half black and half white is not easy. Everyone wants to use Nathan, for different reasons. But he does what he thinks is right, he doesn’t let anyone talk him into doing something he does not really believe in. He is strong and witty with a hell of a temper. Also he falls in love with the most precious guy ever and they are one of my OTPs.

number 4


Ze’ev Kesley, better known as Wolf, is one of the characters in the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. He is a fighter from Luna who falls in love with one of the protagonists, Scarlet Benoit (THESE TWO OH MY). He is supposed to be that rough, blood thirsty and violent special force, the alpha of his pack. But in reality he’s the most gentle soul ever.

number 3


What should I say? It’s another protagonist who isn’t your nice next door hero. Victor Vale from V.E. Schwab’s Vicious is pretty twisted. Not as bad as the antagonist Eli, though. Victor and Eli were best friends, experimenting on themselves. Through near death experiences they managed to get superpowers. But then Victor goes to jail, meets his best friend and they break out together. They also meet another friend with super powers and Victor wants revenge on Eli. And even though he can be brutal and extremely dangerous, he is also gentle with his friends, aka his family. I can’t even say why exactly I love him so much, I just do.

number 2


Everyone who has read the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas probably agrees with me when I say that Rhysand should not be amiss on this list. If you haven’t read it yet (what are you waiting for), here is a short explanation why I love this guy so much. He’s the High Lord of the Night Court, but instead of being a cruel ruler, he does what is best for his people, he has a wonderful circle of the most amazing friends. He treats those beneath him well. Also, he’s feminist. And hella hot. Excuse me while I go fan myself. He is just one of the most amazing characters ever written in my opinion.

number 1


Aaaah, anyone who has known me for about a day knows about The Darkling, antagonist in Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha trilogy. You’ve probably realised by now that I am a sucker for dark, twisted, morally not entirely correct characters. And the Darkling is no exception. Being my all time favourite, he has a power which gave him his name: darkness. Yes, I know he wants to conquer the world and put everything in darkness and I will not start and justify anything or say he’s just misunderstood. He is not, and he became what he is because of his childhood. The Darkling is basically the leader of a nation (not officially but whatever) and is extremely smart and powerful, but on the other hand he is vulnerable and I think that’s what makes me like him so much. And to be honest, I would totally choose him and conquer the world with him.

That’s it from me today! Can you find any of your favourites on this list? If not, who are your top 5 male characters?


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