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a look into my bookshelf #2 | authors starting with “B”


Hoohoo, guys.

You know what? I love my bookshelves. And since I’m not too much of a fan of videos (watching and making) I thought why not make a bookshelf tour on the blog? This will take many, many posts because the shelves are vast and the books are many. So I decided to begin with having a look at the authors sitting there. Since I’ve sorted my books after author surnames A-Z it makes sense for me to do the posts in alphabetical order as well. And here are the authors starting with „B“. You can check out the authors with “A” here.

*click on the covers to get to the goodreads page*

Babendererde, Antje

  • Libellensommer (read)
  • Indigosommer (tbr)

Barbieri, Kara


  • White Stag (read)

Barbot de Villeneuve, Gabrielle-Suzanne

  • The Beauty and the Beast (read) review

libellensommerIndigosommerWhite StagThe beauty and the beast

Bardugo, Leigh

  • Wonder Woman (read) English & German editions
  • The Language of Thorns (read)

Alex Stern

  • Ninth House (tbr)

Grisha Trilogy

  • Shadow and Bone (read) English, 2 Germans & French editions
  • Siege and Storm (read) English & French editions
  • Ruin and Rising (read) English & French editions

Six of Crows

  • Six of Crows (read) 2 English editions
  • Crooked Kingdom (read) 2 English editions

Nikolai Duology

  • King of Scars (read) 2 English editions

wonder woman: warbringerthe language of thornsshadow and bonesiege and stormruin and risingsix of crowscrooked kingdomking of scarsninth house

Barrie, J.M.

Barron, Rena

Kingdom of Souls

  • Kingdom of Souls (tbr)

Bartlett, Claire Eliza

  • We Rule the Night (tbr)

peter panKingdom of soulswe rule the night

Bennett, Jenn

  • Alex, Approximately (read)
  • Night Owls (read) review
  • Starry Eyes (read) review
  • Serious Moonlight (read)
  • The Lady Rogue (read)

Bérubé, Amelinda

  • Here there are monsters (tbr)

Bicker, Roxane

Die Herren des Schicksals

Bishop, Anne

The Others

  • Written in Red (tbr)

starry eyesalex, approximatelyserious moonlightnight owlsthe lady roguehere there are monstersinepuwritten in red

Black, Holly

  • The Coldest girl in Coldtown (read)
  • The darkest part of the forest (read) review

The Modern Fairietales

  • Tithe (read)
  • Valiant (read)
  • Ironside (tbr)

The Folk of the Air

  • The Cruel Prince (read)
  • The Wicked King (read) review
  • The Queen of Nothing (read)

the coldest girl in coldtownthe darkest part of the foresttithevaliantironsidethe cruel princethe wicked kingthe queen of nothingkings, queens, and In-Betweens

Boteju, Tanya

  • Kings, Queens, and In-Betweens (tbr)

Bourne, Holly

  • Are We all Lemmings and Snowflakes? (read) review
  • The Manifesto on how to be interesting (tbr)
  • Soulmates (tbr)
  • The Places I’ve cried in public (read)
  • It only happens in the movies (read)
  • What magic is this? (read)
  • How do you like me now? (tbr)

Spinster Girls

  • Am I normal yet? (read)
  • How hard can love be? (read)
  • What’s a girl gotta do? (read)
  • …and a happy new year? (read)

are we all lemmings and snowflakes?the manifesto on how to be interestingit only happens in the movieshow do you like me nowsoulmateswhat magic is this?the places i've cried in publicam I normal yet?how hard can love be?what's a girl gotta do?...and a happy new year?

Bowman, Akemi Dawn

  • Starfish (read) review
  • Summer Bird Blue (read) review
  • Harley in the Sky (tbr)

Bracken, Alexandra


  • Passenger (tbr)

Braithwaite, Oyinkan

  • My sister, the serial killer (read) review

starfishsummer bird blueharley in the skypassengermy sister, the serial killer

Bray, Libba

The Diviners

  • The Diviners (tbr)

Brennan, Marie

The Memoirs of Lady Trent

  • A natural history of dragons (read)
  • The Tropic of Serpents (read)
  • Voyage of the Basilisk (tbr)
  • In the Labyrinth of Drakes (tbr)
  • Within the Sanctuary of Wings (tbr)

the divinersa natural history of dragonsthe tropic of serpentsthe voayge of the basiliskin the labyrinth of drakeswithin the sanctuary of wings

Britain, Kristen

Green Rider

  • Green Rider (tbr)

Brontë, Charlotte

  • Jane Eyre (read) German & English editions

Brontë, Emily

  • Wuthering Heights (read)

Brown, Pierce

Red Rising

  • Red Rising (read) review
  • Golden Son (read)
  • Morning Star (read)
  • Iron Gold (read)
  • Dark Age (tbr)

Burton, Jessie

  • The Miniaturist (read) review

green riderjane eyrewuthering heightsred risinggolden sonmorning stariron golddark agethe miniaturist


    1. She’s one of my favourite authors and I’m so looking forward to read the ones I haven’t read yet! I hope you’ll like the rest of the series! Book 3 was my favourite <3

  1. Hey,

    (sorry not sorry for comment spaming)

    I really love your Leigh Bardugo collection and how you have several editions of each books. “Language of Thorns”, “King of Scars” and “Ninth House” are still on my wish list and I am looking forward to read them. ^^
    I also faintly remember to have read “Tithe” when I was about 11 years old and even though I don’t remember a lot I sometimes think of the idea and wonder whether I should give it another try. “The Cruel Prince”, on the other hand, is a book I succesfully ignored for age and kind of came aware of only recently, realizing that it doesn’t sound that bad. (Especially since I love dark stories and fairies.)
    I read “Soulmates” six years ago and I’m still not sure what to think of this book but I liked it I guess? 😀 And I definitely loved “Red Rising”! *o*

    Have a wonderful day! <3

    1. Never be sorry for spamming me with comments <3 I still haven't read Ninth House, shame over me, my family & my cow 😀
      I liked Tithe, thought Valiant was okay but still haven't read Ironside because I just haven't really been in the mood for it yet. The Cruel Prince was good, but then The Wicked King was what really blew me away! It was absolutely fantastic and I'd definitely recommend that series! You don't have to necessarily read the other Holly Black books before that 🙂
      Red Rising is amazing!! But Dark Age is such a massive beast, I was too intimidated so far 😀
      Love & a good week

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